Protek Locating is an underground utility locating firm based in the New York Metro area. Our skilled technicians help facility owners, contractors, corporations, universities, and homeowners dig safer.

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Locating Services

Whether you’re outsourcing, or providing in-house service, the goals are the same; provide timely markouts, avoid damage and downtime to your facility, and do it at the most cost-effective rate. We provide the same excellent service to all our customers, regardless of contract size. Our services are utilized by facility owners, contractors, corporations, universities, and homeowners.

Contract Locating

  • Utility Locating
    Certified locators experienced in all utilities
  • Damage Investigation
    A full report including pictures
  • Gas Clearance Reports
    Reports forwarded to your engineering department for possible main replacement
  • Third Party Auditing
    Insure your contractor is performing to your standards
  • Interference
    (Facility Stand-by Protection)

Other Services

  • Private property utility mark outs
  • ROW areas marked
  • Locating and Verifying utilities for design purposes
  • We work in conjunction with Architects, Environmental and General contractors
  • Utilities not covered by local Code 753 are marked

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